WooCommerce Xero Integration

Synchronize your WooCommerce invoices with Xero here in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Connect to your Xero account

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Step 2

Connect to your WooCommerce site

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Step 3

Configure your account mappings

Tailor your settings

Within a matter of minutes you can start reconciling your WooCommerce invoices with Xero on a periodic basis.

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Firstly connect to your Xero account below

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Pricing plans



Free 14 day trial

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Billed annually

  • Ongoing support
  • Historic data - if required



Billed annually

  • Fully tailored solution
  • Additional setup cost depending on requirements

About Xelation

Fully customizable settings

Xelation serves as a bridge between the native WordPress and Xero APIs rendering new orders from WooCommerce as invoices within Xero.

It can be configured to map specific line items to their corresponding nominal accounts within Xero.

For instance a common scenario is where:

  • sales (and shipping) items are reconciled to the Sales/Revenue account
  • with (or without) a corresponding entry within the Payment/Bank account
  • with transaction fees reconciled to the Direct Costs/COGS, PayPal or Stripe account

You can also:

  • determine when Woo orders are pushed to Xero i.e. as Processing (Paid) or Completed (Paid & Fulfilled)
  • determine how Xero invoices are rendered i.e. Draft, Submitted, Authorised or Paid
  • set your preferred invoice prefix
  • deep link between your Woo Order Notes and the generated Xero invoice in either direction allowing you to quickly switch between the two.

You choose!

Why use Xelation over other solutions?

  • No protracted setup as per the WordPress plugins which can take a few hours to configure correctly...and that's even for the more tech savvy amongst us!
  • No ongoing plugin compatibility headaches.
  • No limitations on mappings unlike other solutions. Out-of-the-box Xelation gives you the flexibility you need.
  • We also offer a more tailored enterprise solution for those seeking a tighter integration with Xero i.e. in the case of WordPress multi-sites, mappings by currency, product category, specific SKU or other, inventory management & rounding adjustments.